Vacuum machines
AUDION ELEKTRO has over a half-century experience in the production of high quality packing machines for all applications types. The company produces with big success, heat-sealing machines, vacuum packing machines, as well as vertical packing machines.
AUDION ELEKTRO is distinguished for the safety and the reliability of its products and this appears from the most of one million machines that has sold all over the world.

Machines chanmber type for the creation of vacuum packing with high output vacuum pumps as well as with digital control for programming.
There is a possibility of inserting gases and also the ability of storing up to 10 different programs. There are twenty nine basic models which will cover your needs, for sure.

Machines for creation vacuum packing in bags. The machines of line VI/VSV have been manufactured in order to manage big bags that are required to be in vacuum, but cannot be placed in chamber machines.
The width of bags can be up to two meters. Two from their basic characteristics are the ease of use and the low energy consumption. There are seven basic models which will cover your needs, for sure.

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