Sealing Machines
AUDION ELEKTRO BV. NETHERLANDS AUDION ELEKTRO has above half century experience in the production of high quality sealing machines for all application types. The company produces with big success impulse sealer machines, vacuum packing machines, as well as vertical (VFFS) packaging machines. AUDION ELEKTRO is distinguished for the safety and the reliability of its products and this appears from more than one million machines that has sold all over the world.

Heat-sealing machines for pre-made bags. They are provided with magnetic or mechanic system which ensures that closing jaws will remain locked so that a perfect seal will be achieved.
Also exists cutting element which removes the excess material - bag. They are sold five basic models which will cover your needs, for sure.

Semiautomatic shrinking machines chanber type. The sealing system is water cooled ensuring perfect sealing results. The high speed motor providing fast shrinking results as well.
All heat shrinking materials can be used such as PVC, PE, PP, PO. They are sold in three different models, depending of your needs.

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